Oxford Farming Conference/RASE 'Science and Innovation' Award


Nominate farming's most valuable innovations

Which recent technologies, inventions or scientific advances have delivered the most practical benefits, or profit, to UK farms?

Enter your nomination for the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) and Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) Science and Innovation Award, sponsored by Adama Agricultural Solutions UK. 

Please include as much information as you can about the company or individual behind your nomination - don't worry if you don't have all the contact details. 

As nominator of the winning entry, you will win a place at the prestigious 2-day Oxford Farming Conference which runs from 3-5 January 2017.

The Award

The Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) is a charitable trust whose primary purpose is to support innovation and knowledge transfer to the agricultural industry. We organise what is commonly regarded as the leading annual conference for agriculturalists in the UK, attracting top quality speakers from politics, academia, the farming  community and the global food industry.

The ‘Practice with Science & Innovation’ award recognises applied scientific work or inventions that have resulted in particular benefits to the agricultural industry. The aim is to encourage new thinking and innovation that results in practical advances or improvements in technical and economic efficiency, and the award is open to both individual researchers and businesses or institutions that commissioned the research or project.


The transfer of scientific knowledge into practical application that is key to driving innovation in the industry. The Trustees of the OFC wish to fill that ‘recognition gap’ through this award for research that has delivered practical benefits to agriculture.

Criteria on which the Award will be based

The research or invention should be novel and original in terms of application and show practical benefit, on farm or in related industries.

The applicant should:

  • Have the support of his/her team to apply for the Award
  • Have the support of his/her Head of Institution/Company to apply for the Award
  • Be prepared to present a paper on their work at the Oxford Farming Conference following the presentation of their award (3-5 January 2017)

Judging Panel

The judging panel will consist of two Trustees of OFC, an academic of recognised standing in the agricultural sciences and a representative from the RASE and the sponsor.


The prize will be an award of £10,000, of which £3,000 will be awarded to the individual and £7,000, to the institution or business at which the R&D team is based. The latter monies will be used to support further research work on the subject.

Applications and closing dates

Application forms should be submitted to the Chairman of the OFC with supporting documentation by the 30 September 2016. Presentation of the Award will be at the Oxford Farming Conference the following January (3-5 January 2017).

Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview in London at their expense. The winner will be expected to give a ten minute talk at the 2017 Oxford Farming Conference, expenses covered by the Conference.

Application Form

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