Ethical coffee pioneer to give OFC's Keynote address


This year’s Frank Parkinson Trust Keynote address will be from Konrad Brits, the founder and CEO of Falcon…

The folly of land ownership?


Institutional investors whose operating model is based around owning land and leasing it out to local farmers do not currently see the UK as a viable market for investment in farmland because the…

To Brexit and Beyond - trading & support

- Cedric Porter

In the first of a special series, supply chain expert and former Oxford Farming Conference chairman Cedric Porter discusses farming’s hottest topic.

The Oxford Farming Conference has a…

Three new directors join the OFC Council


A farmer, broadcaster and a scientist will join The Oxford Farming Conference board (OFC) as its new directors in January 2017. Matthew Naylor, Anna Hill (pictured above) and Professor Nigel…

Easy short-term fixes are running out says OFC scholar


Three young British agriculturalists - Nicola Blowey, Jenni Thompson and Robert Yardley (pictured above) - attended the prestigious Young DLG (the German Agricultural Society) Conference and…

360 sow pen wins OFC/RASE Practice with Science Award


The innovative and welfare focused 360o Sow Farrowing Pen, invented by Martin Barker, has won the 2015 OFC/RASE Practice with Science Award. Sponsored by Map of Agriculture, the award…