The Oxford Farming Conference

Roadmap for the transformation of farm support

Envrionment Secretary, George Eustice MP Independent panel questions Audience questions Host: Sarah Mukherjee OFC Chairman: Sally Williams

In an Oxford Farming Conference first, the Environment Secretary George Eustice launched the much-anticipated UK roadmap for agriculture as part of our #OFCBitesize.

During his speech he set out the roadmap for the future of farm support, he said: “We want farmers to access public money to help their businesses become more productive and sustainable, whilst taking steps to improve the environment and animal welfare, and deliver climate change outcomes on the land they manage.

“Rather than the prescriptive, top down rules of the EU era, we want to support the choices that farmers and land managers take. If we work together to get this right, then a decade from now the rest of the world will want to follow our lead.”