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OFC Blog

Oxford Farming Conference Insights include interviews, head-to-head debates and in-depth research into a wide array of topics relevant to farming and land-based businesses. 


OFC 2018

A look back at day one of the 2018 Oxford Farming Conference - Embracing Change. 


Producing food is a moral imperative in a changing world

- OFC News Team

Getting UK food production onto the political agenda is fundamental as we move into a world facing…

New Directors Appointed for Oxford Farming Conference 2020

- OFC Press Team

Pictured: Barbara Bray, Food Safety Consultant and Nutritionist

We are delighted to announce that three new directors and a new chairman have been appointed for the Oxford Farming…

Ambitious Farmers Win Place on Emerging Leaders Programme

- OFC Press Team

Twenty-two farmers from around the UK have been selected to join the Oxford Farming Conference’s (OFC) Emerging Leaders Programme (biographies available at the bottom of this…

OFC changed my perspective on agriculture, work and the future of our industry immeasurably


Romy Jackson from Scotland attended The Oxford Farming Conference as a Scholar in 2018, sponsored by RWMT. Here she shares her experience.

I was lucky to attend with a…

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