To grow and prosper, UK agriculture needs to question its approach and its thinking.

With this in mind, the 2018 conference theme will be Embracing Change and will run from 3-5 January 2018 at Oxford University.

The opportunities for our farming sector are huge, but we need to be honest about what changes need to be made for the sector to progress – at a personal, family and business level. The 2018 line-up of speakers will include visionary speakers from around the world, many who have tackled both personal and professional adversity.

The 2018 conference will tackle the difficult topics, such as addressing behavioural changes needed within family businesses and how digital disruption could step-change British farming into a new realm of possibilities.

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OFC Blog

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"Winning the scholarship has increased my subject knowledge, my practical knowledge and my understanding of the global agricultural industry. My advice to new OFC scholars is to have tenacity, to grasp every opportunity, to be inquisitive and to have the confidence to challenge yourself."

Robert Yardley, OFC Travel Award Scholar, 2015


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