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Oxford Farming Conference Insights include interviews, head-to-head debates and in-depth research into a wide array of topics relevant to farming and land-based businesses. 




"Winning the scholarship has increased my subject knowledge, my practical knowledge and my understanding of the global agricultural industry. My advice to new OFC scholars is to have tenacity, to grasp every opportunity, to be inquisitive and to have the confidence to challenge yourself."

Robert Yardley, OFC Travel Award Scholar, 2015


Tight on time? Attend Oxford for Friday only


Time in the New Year is precious, so in response to calls from people requesting day tickets, we are selling Friday-only packages for those tight on time. 

For £100 + VAT you can spend…

Royal Highland Show Brexit debate one year on


The Oxford Farming Conference held its inaugural debate at the Royal Highland Show on Thursday 22 June, sponsored by…

Gove's Look Into The Future

- OFC Press Team

Secretary-of-State for Defra, Michael Gove, said if UK Agriculture does not embrace change it will be left behind, and that Brexit offers the opportunity to shape that change and how the…

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