Gove's Look Into The Future

- OFC Press Team

Secretary-of-State for Defra, Michael Gove, said if UK Agriculture does not embrace change it will be left behind, and that Brexit offers the opportunity to shape that change and how the…

Tight on time? Attend Oxford for Friday only


Time in the New Year is precious, so in response to calls from people requesting day tickets, we are selling Friday-only packages for those tight on time. 

For £100 + VAT you can spend…

Royal Highland Show Brexit debate one year on


The Oxford Farming Conference held its inaugural debate at the Royal Highland Show on Thursday 22 June, sponsored by…

Leading UK and German Agricultural Institutions Collaborate with Youth at Agritechnica 2017


Three young British students from the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) Scholars Programme have been selected to travel to Hanover in Germany in November to take part in Germany’s prestigious annual…

The folly of land ownership?


Institutional investors whose operating model is based around owning land and leasing it out to local farmers do not currently see the UK as a viable market for investment in farmland because the…

To Brexit and Beyond - trading & support

- Cedric Porter

In the first of a special series, supply chain expert and former Oxford Farming Conference chairman Cedric Porter discusses farming’s hottest topic.

The Oxford Farming Conference has a…