Why apply to be a Scholar in 2020?

OFC Scholars

by Barbara Bray, OFC Director leading the Scholars' programme in 2020

I remember my first Oxford Farming Conference, arriving at my destination and being dazzled by the beauty of the city, awestruck by the quality people I met and overwhelmed by the sheer content of the programme.

For a young person attending OFC for the first time it can be a daunting experience.

The OFC Scholars Programme aims to engage young people early in their careers and immerse them in the full conference experience. Scholarships are available from a range of organisation to pay for the cost of attending the pre-conference day in November and the main conference in January. 

Delegates are typically aged 22 to 30 and may be finishing their education or already working. This year we have two delegates who are completely new to the agri-food sector and we plan to encourage more new entrants to attend.

A pre-conference day will be held in Scunthorpe on November 7th for the delegates on the Scholar programme to meet each other, learn about the conference programme and visit one the McDonald’s beef and pork suppliers.

Two workshops are facilitated at the conference for delegates to give them the best opportunity to be informed, challenged and inspired and to make connections that will help them to be more effective in their own careers.

If you are about to embark on a career in the agri-food sector the OFC Scholars programme is a great way to start.

Information about becoming a sponsor of an OFC Scholar can be found here