Meet Trinity Group, Headline Sponsor of OFC23


Following a competitive selection process, Trinity Natural Capital Group, has been named as the headline sponsor of the 2023 Oxford Farming Conference (OFC).

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Trinity Natural Capital Group is comprised of Trinity Global Farm Pioneers, Trinity AgTech and Trinity Natural Capital Markets providing a complementary and comprehensive range of new-generation solutions for farmers to measure, manage and monetise their natural capital credibly and confidently.

Anna Woodley, director of business development at Trinity AgTech, explains why the ‘farming a new future’ conference theme is the perfect pairing for the Trinity Group.


What does ‘farming a new future’ mean for Trinity?

In this unprecedented new era for agriculture, if not for the world, it’s incredibly important to talk about the opportunities to adapt and build business resilience across the board. For many, OFC 2023 will be the scene-setter for discussing the cornerstones of building a thriving farm business and industry.

Right now, our sector is experiencing unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In these times, new problems and opportunities require new solutions and can’t be addressed with old solutions.

We are passionate about supporting farmers to develop a resiliency mindset. This means understanding and acknowledging the challenges ahead but looking through a different lens to turn these to our favour and succeed through difficult times.

For Trinity, a fundamental part of this is using the best science and technology to gain a reliable, confident understanding of your farm’s natural capital assets.

This means investing in an independent new generation, natural capital navigator, which delivers impartiality, scientific, practical and technological reliability. This is above and beyond what can be done with first generation tools or affiliated offerings.

Using credible, trustworthy analytics will help farmers to confidently make decisions about sustaining the future of their farm businesses.

When we talk about sustainability, we don’t just mean environmental factors such as carbon, biodiversity and water, but cost savings, farm efficiency and productivity too. These are all intrinsically linked and central to industry sustainability.  


What is your advice to farmers who want to build resilience?

The foundation of change is the desire to find out how to do so, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

The single biggest piece of advice I have is to build a reliable register of your business’ natural capital assets and a confident understanding of your options for the years ahead to achieve your farm’s aspirations. Our new generation natural capital navigator, Sandy, can complete an end-to-end register of carbon, biodiversity, water and many other metrics, to help futureproof farms.


Where can people connect with Trinity this year?

You can hear from us at the online OFC Fringe on 8 December 2022, where we have plans to preview an exciting new piece of work - OFC Fringes Tickets | Eventbrite

My colleagues and I will also be attending the conference and hosting a networking evening with drinks and canapes at OFC on 5 January at 16:45. More information and registration can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you there.



OFC25 will take place from 8th to 10th January 2025, in Oxford and Online.

A programme teaser and tickets are now available by visiting our dedicated conference section.