PODCAST: Strawberries, Wimbledon and Supermarkets with OFC Director Marion Regan


In the  latest podcast from the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC), Anna Hill speaks to OFC Director and owner of Hugh Lowe Farms Ltd Marion Regan, who is happy for press to use comments from the podcast for publication. Marion

Established in 1893, the business grows strawberries, raspberries and blackberries and is the only supplier of strawberries to Wimbledon, producing 33 tonnes in 2019.

Marion talks about how Covid-19 and the cancellation of the sporting event will impact their business, what they can do to mitigate wastage including a recent conversation with food banks, and the challenge the business is facing recruiting seasonal workers.

In the podcast Marion tells Anna "We are committed to the crop; it is planted but we can adjust timing to help reduce our peak of production."

She also touches on why strawberries are a success story for the UK, how the supermarkets have helped grow sales for berries and how sophisticated UK production systems are leading the world due to their technical ability.

She comments: "UK strawberries are a success story for the country. We have a sophisticated production system and lead the world due to the technical ability of the British growers. The supermarkets have grown sales, people want to eat berries and the supermarkets have had the confidence to put plenty out there for people to buy -  we are serving the market from our own production."

Listen HERE  

The podcast is kindly sponsored by BASF Agricultural Solutions


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