The Oxford Farming Conference

Dr Edmond Harty

Advanced Performance Monitoring In Livestock – New Sensors & The Connected Farm

Dr Edmond Harty powerpoint presentation

Dr Edmond Harty speech

Elizabeth Truss

The role of food and farming in our economic future

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss speech

Graham Redman

OFC 2015 Research - The Best British Farmers; What Gives Them The Edge?

Graham Redman powerpoint presentation

The best British farmers - what gives them the edge

Kevin Frediani

Urban Agriculture, a SMART solution to complement sustainable intensification?

Kevin Frediani powerpoint presentation

Laurence Olins

Are shorter supply chains really benefitting farmers?

Laurence Olins powerpoint presentation

Laurence Olins speech

Martin Hingley

How does the UK retail scene compare with the rest of the world?

Dr Martin Hingley powerpoint presentation

Paul Vernon

Processing locally for global consumption

Paul Vernon powerpoint presentation

Prof James Bullock

Can environmentally-friendly farming also be productive?

James Bullock powerpoint presentation

Professor Lord Krebs

Frank Parkinson Lecture

Frank Parkinson Lecture

Stuart Agnew