Inspiration is limitless, you just have to take the opportunities

Sarah Law

Time. A precious commodity that few of us have in abundance. Now pair that with opportunity and you have a decision to make. Do I turn down a chance at something new and intriguing, restrained by the daily pull towards the 9-5, two young kids, a few more sheep than I care (or dare) to count and a farm office that could only be described as an organisational vacuum?

The ‘barriers’ to a working mum attending were daunting so I had to be sure that it would be worth the organisation involved in committing to the time away. I made the decision to push all my hesitations to one side and join the OFC Inspire program and I can say with true conviction that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Whilst the conference itself was a fascinating mix of subjects, speakers and insightful breakout conversations, what cannot be valued highly enough is the group of hugely varied but ultimately like-minded individuals who form the Inspire Group 2021/22. On the surface, I don’t have much in common with a software developer, an indoor pig farmer or a vet; but what connects each one of our group to one another is a shared vision on the future of our rural industry and how it's on each of us to shape it into something that’s sustainable, profitable, inclusive, progressive and diverse. Background, scale, location, qualifications – none of these are a factor in the ability of anyone in the group to share experiences and ideas.

During our time on the programme, I have been involved in the lives of all these inspiring people – their best days and the days they would rather forget. The motivation, camaraderie, insight, challenge, humour and technical and practical support has helped shape me and our business into something I am fiercely proud of; and I am as proud of the achievements of my OFC Inspire comrades.

Sarah Law participated in the OFC Inspire Programme in 2022.



OFC25 will take place from 8th to 10th January 2025, in Oxford and Online.

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