The Oxford Farming Conference

Brian Barker

BRIAN BARKER, AHDB Strategic Farm, Suffolk

OFC Presentation 2019

Dr Matthew Smith

Dr Matthew Smith, Director of Business Development, Microsoft UK

OFC Presentation 2019

Dr Kate Pressland

Dr Kate Pressland, Programme Manager, Innovative Farmers

OFC Presentation 2019

Julie Borlaug

Julie Borlaug, Inari Agriculture & Granddaughter of Norman Borlaug (Green Revolution)

OFC Presentation 2019

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith, North Cornwall Sheep & Red Deer Farmer

OFC Presentation 2019

Minke van Wingerden

Minke van Wingerden, Beladon, The Netherlands (Floating Farm)

OFC Presentation 2019

Nyasha Mudukuti

Nyasha Mudukuti, Zimbabwean Farmer

Presentation from 2019

Professor Brendan Gilmore

ROFESSOR BRENDAN GILMORE, Chair of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Queen’s University Belfast

OFC Presentation 2019

Professor Cristobal Uauy

PROFESSOR CRISTOBAL UAUY, Project Leader in wheat genetics and genomics, John Innes Centre

OFC Presentation 2019

Professor Sir Mark Walport

Sir Mark Walport, CEO UKRI

Sir Charlie Raymond Burrell

Sir Charles Burrell, Knepp Castle Estate, West Sussex

OFC Presentation 2019

Stijn Baan

Stijn Baan, Koppert Cress, The Netherlands

OFC Presentation 2019



OFC25 will take place from 8th to 10th January 2025, in Oxford and Online.

A programme teaser and tickets are now available by visiting our dedicated conference section.